Prince Jean, Dauphin of France


The Gate is celebrating the 240th anniversary of the Franco-American Treaty of Alliance and its significance to the colony of Georgia. The treaty was crafted by Ambassador Benjamin Franklin (for which Franklin College was named, now called the University of Georgia), and King Louis XVI. The Second Siege of Savannah was the first exercise of this treaty, the alliance of which ultimately wins the war at Yorktown.


The Gate is honoring the direct descendent of King Louis XIII, Prince Jean of Orléans, Dauphin of France, to honor his nation’s assistance in the establishment of our Republic. His family’s support of Republican American ideals set in motion events in France which eventually cost Prince Jean’s family not only their throne, but their lives.


On October 9th the Coastal Heritage Society is orchestrating a reenactment of the Battle of Savannah which will be reviewed by HRH Prince Jean, followed by a brunch reception on board a launch surrounded by a flotilla of Savannah citizens heading south on the Savannah River. The flotilla will pass Old Fort Jackson where a cannon salute will occur and members of the regiment will salute the Dauphin from the fort battlements. A  5:00pm gathering will lead to an elegant cocktail and dinner cruise on a vintage yacht will embark from the Savannah Yacht Club heading towards Historic Wormsloe Plantation. The yacht will pass other historic antebellum plantations as the sun sets. Guests will be returned by 11:30pm.
Flotilla: Free
Yacht Cruise: $1,000 / person
For further information about the free flotilla or to participate in the yacht cruise contact Mac Schmitz at or 678-200-6813.