2022 Millennium Candler Honorees


Honors leadership in the promotion of fraternity between peoples and nations.

Dr. Shin Dae-yong

Dr. Shin Dae-yong is the founder, owner and CEO of DSE, Inc. He has extensively worked with Yonsei University in Mechanical Engineering, the American International University, Soongsil University and the Eisenhower Commission, appointed by Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Dr. Shin is on the Advisory Council on Democratic and Peaceful Unification, appointed by the South Korean President, founded KEIIN College of Business and Natural Science in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and established science and engineering programs at universities throughout the world. These include Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea, and Yanbian University of Science and Technology in China. He was awarded Engineering and Honorary Doctorate degrees from the American International University and Soongsil University. He is chairman of the Unified Korea Foundation and founded the Shin Dae-yong Global Peace Institute, feeding millions of meals to the starving children in North Korea. He has put forward the ideal of peace through prosperity his entire life, setting a very high standard for the world to follow.


Honors leadership in effecting positive social change.

Benjamin C. Adams

Benjamin C. Adams, CFO of Kepro LLC, a technology enabled healthcare services company, has fostered preserving the rich history of our nation by stewarding the Adams Family Papers, housed for 300 years at the Massachusetts Historical Society, a collection larger than the Library of Congress. Their papers are the jewel in the MHS crown, and chairman since 2017, the papers document the American Revolution, the founding documents of our republic, the diplomatic negotiations of peace, to the Civil War and reconstruction. This archive also has the record of friendship between Ambassador to the Court of St James’s John Adams, with Georgia’s co-founder, General James Oglethorpe. Initially working with Senator Edward Kennedy and David McCullough, Ben spearheaded what has become the Adams Commission and is charged with the construction and programming of the John and John Quincy Adams Memorial. It will be a research library in Area I of the Mall in Washington D.C. and will borrow from the more than 30,000 volumes at the Adams home in Quincy, MA, a National Historical Park which his family gave the nation. Abigail and Louisa Catherine Adams, Charles Francis, Henry, and other Adams family members who have vastly contributed to the nation’s true soul are included. Ben has worked tirelessly and quietly through four presidential administrations to achieve this important temple to the sacred documents and memory of the United States which his ancestors helped to create. And as is a seemingly typical family trait, insisted on by Ben, this temple will be in the form of a modest brick, Georgian, New England institution. In so doing, without ceremony and rebuffing any form of credit or achievement, Ben Adams has risen to the level of his magnificent ancestry to provide their and his vision of American excellence for many future generations to come.

Dan T. Cathy

Dan T. Cathy has been an advocate for embracing immigrant communities in Atlanta and across the United States. He focuses on youth and education, leadership and family enrichment. He has brought his company, Chick-fil-a’s exemplary efforts to bring investment to impoverished areas while also serving local communities in which his restaurants operate.  While working towards reducing inequities in education, healthcare, and internet access, Dan Cathy has also defined his role in “customer service” for more than 40 years in 2,500 Chick-fil-A restaurants across 47 states.  By creating an inclusive culture and service tradition where every person is treated with “honor, dignity and respect”, his mission is “moving all of us forward, to listen, be intentional, share, build bridges and spread care and hope into our world – today and always”. He has been a champion of the city of Atlanta, of which he has a great affection and has moved her forward with his vision to carry The Atlanta Way to future generations.

William Clark Durant III

Clark Durant is a Notre Dame lawyer. He began in Detroit advocating for those who could not afford a lawyer. Appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the Legal Services Corporation, confirmed by the Senate, he served four years as chair. At the request of Secretary Elizabeth Dole, his business team saved the Ann Arbor Railroad.  As an assistant to the President and later Vice President of Hillsdale College, he helped start Imprimis, now read by over 6.1 million world-wide, and the Center for Constructive Alternatives. He is a Winston Churchill Fellow, served as President of the State Board of Education, and co-founded the Cornerstone Schools with Adam Cardinal Maida. In 1995 The Detroit News named him a ‘Michiganian of the Year’. For thirty one years he has served Cornerstone. Their five Detroit public charter schools are named after Founders and Civil Rights Leaders, joined together as one name, to tell the ever unfolding story of the promise of the American idea of liberty and justice for all.  In 2018 he opened the Adams-Young Academy to honor President John Adams and Ambassador Andrew Young.  His mission is to prepare students to live what Dr. King called The Complete Life. The Cornerstone Center for the Complete Life was dedicated with Ambassador Andrew J. Young in a packed auditorium on October 30, 2021. Andrew ‘Bo’ Young III and Rodney Cook Jr. recently visited these wonderful schools serving over 3,000 K-12 children.

Joseph T. Lonsdale V

Joe Lonsdale V is a technology impresario, the managing partner at 8VC, a US-based venture capital firm managing several billion dollars. Joe began at Clarium Capital and PayPal while he attended Stanford. Joe co-founded Palantir, a global defense software company. Jeff Sprecher and Kelly Loeffler’s NYSE issued the IPO for Palantir. Joe has been on the Forbes 100 Midas List since 2016 and was the youngest member in 2016 and 2017. After Palantir, he founded Addepar, which has over $3 trillion USD managed on its wealth management technology platform, and OpenGov, which provides software for over 2,000 municipalities and state agencies. He established Cicero which partners with state leaders across the country to design market-driven policy systems that foster accountability, promote transparency, and improve people’s lives. He is the principal founder of the University of Austin devoted to the unfettered pursuit of truth, the cornerstone of a free and flourishing democratic society, fully committed to freedom of inquiry, freedom of conscience, and civil discourse. In order to maintain these principles, UATX will be fiercely independent—financially, intellectually, and politically. Lonsdale was the first million dollar donor to the Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park while in his twenties. His American patriotism compels him to great generosity for extraordinary ideas that protect the Republic.