Millennium Candler 2017 Prize Commission




The 2018 Millennium Candler Prize Ceremony October 27, 2018



The inaugural Middelthon-Candler Gala was held when the Millennium Gate Museum (The Gate) opened in 2008. Matthew Middelthon, a descendant of Coca-Cola founder Asa G. Candler, established the Middelthon-Candler Peace, Justice, and Millennium Gate Prizes to continue the family’s stewardship of the state of Georgia. All proceeds from the gala are used to further the mission of The Gate and The National Monuments Foundation.


The National Monuments Foundation is based in Georgia, one of 13 original British colonies. Denmark was among the first to establish diplomatic relations with Georgia, as well as a Consul General in Savannah in 1801. It is our desire to raise the standard of this international prize and partner with Denmark, Danish industry, and Danish society at large, Scandinavia being a region noted for recognizing great human accomplishment. Mr. Middelthon requested that as his Candler family name is better known globally as the founders of Coca-Cola, we now adapt the prize name to Candler Peace, Justice, and Millennium Gate Prizes.


Millennium Gate Prize Categories:

Peace Prize: Honors leadership in the promotion of fraternity between peoples and nations.

Justice Prize: Honors leadership in effecting positive social change.

Millennium Gate Prize: Honors excellence in the arts, sciences, or business.


DATE: Saturday, October 27th, 2018
LOCATION: Millennium Gate Museum, Atlanta, GA


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